Working Groups

WorkIng groups are establIshed upon the request of member corporatIons; these Groups make valuable contrIbutIons to the development of YASED’s agenda and opInIons on related matters, whIle they also facIlItate actIon. These WorkIng Groups, formed by representatIves of fIrms that are experts In the fIelds, hold meetIngs centered around the demands submItted by member companIes, wIth the ultImate goal beIng more actIve contrIbutIons to the ongoIng efforts aImed at ImprovIng the Investment envIronment.

The Working Groups also participate in and contribute to the efforts of the Coordination Committee for the Improvement of the Investment Environment. YASED is actively represented in and is among the founding member of this committee, which is a solution platform reporting to the office of the Prime Minister. The Committee’s work, through the platform it provides, is aimed at facilitating communication between the public and private sectors and to address problems related to the improvement of the investment environment. All ministries are members of this platform. The private sector is represented by five NGOs, including YASED; the stakeholders represented by YASED are the international direct investors in our country.

These Working Groups not only share information with but also engage in joint projects and take joint action with other NGOs and national as well as international bodies representing the business world. This helps strengthen the tie and cooperation between these bodies and organizations and YASED, while also aiding in the development of a multi-faceted platform of ideas on international investments, which in turn allows the public to receive more accurate information about international investments.

In order to better address the expectatIons and demands of YASED members, brIng theIr problems ON the AGENDA, and work towards a solutIon, there exIst a total of 17 Working Groups. ConsIstIng of 11 Sectoral and 6 HorIzontal unIts, these groups, were put together accordIng to the prIorItIes set by the YASED Board of DIrectors, as well the demands of member corporatIons. Our members are represented In these workIng groups wIth a total of 1,400 PARTICIPANTS.


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