Working Groups

During the new term starting with the General Assembly held in 2019, it was decided to innovate the working structure of YASED in certain respects so as to contribute more effectively to the development of our country in the face of emerging investment and business trends and balances at global level.

A significant set through this new structure is to the more comprehensive integration of the knowledge and experience of YASED member companies' CEOs into management and policy-setting processes through Councils. YASED's macro strategy and agenda items to be set by the Councils will be turned into concrete actions by the affiliated Working Groups the details of which are given below.

As was the case in the previous term, there are 18 Working Groups the details of which are indicated below so as to better respond to the expectations and demands of YASED members, bring up their problems to the agenda and offer better services for the solution thereof. Our members are represented in these working groups with a total of 1,600 persons.

These Working Groups composed of the representatives appointed by YASED member companies due to their specialty hold meetings based on the agendas drawn up in line with the strategies conveyed by the Councils so as to more actively contribute to and engage in the ongoing activities conducted for creating a better investment environment. Discussing the common problems of firms and suggestions for the solution thereof, these working groups create the position of YASED regarding the relevant issues and share them with the relevant authorities.

The Working Groups also contribute to and engage in the Coordination Council for the Improvement of Investment Environment in Turkey (YOIKK), a solution platform affiliated to the Presidency, where YASED is actively represented and of which it is a founding member. YOIKK platform tries to improve communication between the public and private sector and sort out the problems regarding the investment environment. All Ministries are the members of this platform. 6 NGOs representing the private sector including YASED are also the members of this platform and YASED represents international direct investors in our country. The Working Groups of YASED act in parallel with the Working Groups of YASED and the problems and solution suggestions discussed in our working groups are directly conveyed to YOIKK platform and the continuously-updated YOIKK Action Plan.

Organizing joint projects and various events with other non-governmental organizations and the national and international organizations representing the business world in various subjects apart from the exchange of information, these Working Groups contribute to the strengthening of YASED's current relations with such institutions and organizations, the creation of a versatile thinking platform on international investments and the provision of the public with more accurate information about international investments.


International Investment Center

1. Access to Health
2. Automotive & Parts 
3. Consumer Goods
4. Energy
5. Financial Services
6. Food & Agriculture
7. Logistic & Supply Chain
8. Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate

Employment & Qualified Workforce

1. Employment & Qualified Workforce

Technology & Industrial Digital Transformation

1. Technology & Innovation
2. ICT

Tax & Incentives

1. Tax and Incentives


1. Trade

Internatonal Relations

1. USA
2. Europe
3. Asia

Law & Regulations

1. Law & Regulations

Social Projects & Sustainability

1. Social Projects & Sustainability

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