Mostly composed of international energy companies and consultancy firms investing in Turkey, the group engages in activities from the perspective of "the improvement of the investment environment", which is of utmost importance for the development and sustainability of the energy sector that has a pivotal role in the growth and competitiveness of the Turkish economy, and conveys the outcomes of its activities to the public through the effective communication channel established with public institutions.

The group drew up a report titled "Turkish Energy Sector - A Sustainable and Predictable Future in Energy" so as to analyze the sector's development from 2000s which saw an acceleration in the steps of liberalization to date, to identify the obstacles and problems encountered by investors in line with emerging technologies, needs and requirements and to submit its recommendations for solutions and submitted it to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey.  The report handles in a holistic approach the electricity, natural gas and fuel sectors, the sub-sectors of the energy sector, and lists the recommendations for solutions for rendering them more functional under 5 sub-headings.   In this regard, 51 recommendations for solutions were submitted under the following sub-headings:

  1. Achieving the targeted free market structure- Progressing towards the targeted market structure without slowing down
  2. Improving the regulation and audit mechanism- Creating a participatory and transparent regulation and audit framework
  3. Ensuring financial sustainability- Creating a predictable and stable investment environment
  4. Improving operational efficiency and transparency-Offering services depending on coordination and cooperation among institutions
  5. Improving strategic and technical planning- Securing long-term development through strategic and technical planning.

The group plans to follow the outcomes of the report in the short run and visit public institutions such as BOTAŞ (Petroleum Pipeline Company), EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) and EUAŞ (Electricity Generation Company). Besides, the group also aims to organize workshops with the participation of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey and the relevant public institutions and organizations.


Consists of 3M, Acwa Power, Adecco, Akenerji, AkzoNobel/International Paint, Arup Mühendislik, BP, BSH,  Carrefoursa, Cengiz Makina, Chubb, Clariant, Deloitte, EnBW, Enerco, Enercon, Enerjisa, EY Türkiye, Gama Enerji, Garanti Bankası, Horoz Bollore, HP, İpragaz, İskenderun Enerji, KPMG, Lesaffre, Limak İskenderun, L’oreal, Manpower, Mercedes-Benz, Migros, Nazalı, Petrol Ofisi, Polat Enerji, PWC, Rubis Terminal, Samsung, SAP Türkiye, Securitas, Sensörler ve İleri Cihazlar (SICK), Shell Türkiye, Sicpa, Siemens, Socar Türkiye, Toyota, Tüprag, UPS, Vaillant.




With contributions of Vodafone