Automotive Primary and Supporting Industries

Aim of the Automotive Primary Industry and Supply Industries Working Group established in 2009 is to ensure the reflection of our sectoral stakeholders' positions on high-level strategy papers by benefiting from YASED's opinion-forming competence adopted by public authorities from its macro-perspective aimed at improving the investment environment as a supra-sectoral umbrella institution. Accordingly, the group attaches importance to carrying out complementary activities with sectoral non-governmental organizations rather than repetitive activities. In this regard, activities are conducted in areas such as tax, R&D, foreign trade and industrial digital transformation where YASED can offer more comprehensive support without dealing with sector-specific technical legislation.

The measures that can be put in place by public administrations so as to prevent the economic slowdown in the past years to cause further shrinkage in the domestic market in the upcoming period continue to be among the priority agenda items of our Group. In this context, consultations activities will be sustained to maintain the current Special Consumption Tax/VAT reduction and increase the attractiveness of the existing scrappage incentive in order to reduce the sales tax on motor vehicles to levels that would boost the attraction of investments.

In 2020, the Group will focus on activities intended for increasing the effectiveness of the investment incentive scheme, creating senior consultation platforms between public administrations and the automotive sector, incentivizing activities supporting smart transport and city systems, establishing a robust legal basis and supervision mechanism for equivalent spare parts and raising qualified personnel required for the automotive sector. At the same time, our opinions formed on issues with a more international perspective such as the Customs Union Modernization and Brexit will continue to be expressed before the relevant platforms.


Consists of 3M, Adecco, Akzo Nobel / International Paint, ALJ Holding, Arup Mühendislik, Borçelik, Bosch, Brisa Bridgestone, Chubb European Group, CMA CGM, Deloitte, Denge (Mazars), DHL Lojistik Hizmetleri, Dow Kimya, DP World, EY Türkiye, Ford Otosan, Garanti Bankası, Goodyear, HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv, Koç Holding, KPMG, Leoni Kablo, Manpower, Mercedes-Benz, Migros, Mutlu Akü, Oyak Renault, Prometeon, PwC, Ravago, Renault Mais, SAP, Sensörler Ve İleri Cihazlar (SICK), Specialty Products (Dupont Grubu), Tofaş, Toyota, Valeo Otomotiv.

With contributions of Vodafone