Press Releases


YASED High Advisory Council Meeting

Members’ ideas and suggestions were reviewed in the High Advisory Council meeting held on May 11 to determine YASED's "New Term Strategy and Work Schedule".


An Update for the Customs Union Agreement may Contribute 0.98% to GDP

An update for the Customs Union Agreement may increase GDP of Turkey 0.98% especially with the contribution of the agriculture industry.


YASED and VDK Officers Came Together

Officers, led by head of Tax Inspection Board (VDK) Hüseyin Karakum, came together with YASED Work Group on Tax and Incentives (YWGoTI) to sort out issues encountered in tax review and audit processes.


YASED Consultation Meeting

YASED held a consultation meeting for its members on April 20. Güven Sak, head of TEPAV, attended the meeting as the guest speaker.


YASED President Ahmet Erdem: "An FDI Strategy Document should be Drawn Up"

Attending the first YOİKK (Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment) of the year...


Erdmann: "Thinking about Whether Turkey will be a Member of the EU is Meaningless"

Germany's Ambassador Martin Erdmann said that the question "Will Turkey one day be a member of the EU?"...


YASED'S Recommendations Are on the Finance Ministry's Agenda

The recommendations of the International Investors Association (YASED) on increasing the attraction of Turkey's...


The Guest Expert at the Second of the YASED Talks was Sir Martin Sorrell

At the second of the YASED Business Lounge Meetings, the Board Member and CEO of WPP...


YOİKK Holds Second Meeting in Ilgaz

The Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOİKK) held...


High-level Economic Dialogue between Turkey and the EU

The first meeting of the Turkey-EU High-level Economic Dialogue was held...


Negotiation Process Should Be Continued Based On Technical Criteria, Turkey Must Continue The Reforms

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