YASED Members Get Together with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology at the “Digital Transformation” Workshop

Top ranking officials from YASED member corporations met with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to exchange ideas on what needs to be done as part of Turkey’s “Digital Transformation” process, focusing on current best efforts.

International Investors Association YASED and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology met on January 17, 2018 in Istanbul at the “Digital Transformation” workshop.

The meeting was held under the leadership of Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Hasan Ali Çelik, and widely attended by YASED members; topics discussed were the opportunities presented by information and communication technologies for the business world, the “Digital Transformation” process in Turkey, and areas of potential improvement.

During her talk at the meeting, YASED Vice President Canan Özsoy spoke as follows: “We place great importance on the process of digital transformation, as part of our nation’s efforts to reach its developmental goals while retaining a global competitive edge. YASED contributes to these efforts in multiple ways; as a founding member of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology’s coordination committee it joins the platforms formed through the committee, as well as other relevant projects, where the experience of its members -both in Turkey and globally- can make a difference. It is estimated that by 2025, the total market brought on by the industrial internet will be twice the size of the current consumer internet. This is a great opportunity for our entrepreneurs… Projects that are implemented in Turkey can be implemented on a global basis. However, during this process, it is important that the company understand it cannot solve every issue on its own and reach out to solution partners and global links… At this juncture, the role of international investors in creating these global links is highly critical.”

Özsoy listed as primary areas of improvement: the inclusion of Digital Transformation projects in the category of works that receive incentives, the strengthening of infrastructure to support the integration with the digital world and the availability of incentives to entrepreneurs.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Hasan Ali Çelik spoke of the efforts in the public sector related to Digital Transformation and said: “2018 will be the year of Turkey’s technological breakthrough. As a nation, we must break the vicious cycle of medium and low technology. Our focus is wholly on progression in the field of industry centered around science and technology, because we understand that enrichment and the creation of added value in this day and age is only possible through technology.” He also added that this breakthrough is easier accomplished by easing the entry of international direct investment into the nation.

Following the opening speech, several managers took the stage who spoke of best efforts in Turkey as well as suggestions for improvement: GE Turkey General Manager and  CEO Canan Özsoy; Bosch Turkey IoT and Industry 4.0 Coordinator Mustafa Ayhan; Yapı Kredi Bank Assistant General Manager of Information Technologies and Operations Cahit Erdoğan and Assistant General Manager of Alternative Delivery Channels Yakup Doğan; Ford Otosan Chief Digital Manager Hayriye Karadeniz; and Siemens Turkey Head of Country IT Yusuf Tokmakçı.

At the end of the workshop, an online survey was held to evaluate the state of international companies operating in Turkey in the field of digital transformation, as well as their needs. Talks were then held to identify priorities.

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