Opportunity equality should be ensured, the employment rate of women should be increased

  • In its message published for World Women’s Day on March 8, International Investors Association – YASED emphasized that sustainable growth and the increase of wealth is only possible by creating opportunity equality and increasing the employment rate of women.
  • YASED recently decided it will expand the KOZA Social Responsibility Project it has successfully been carrying out for 9 years by implementing a different educational model particularly for female students and supporting the role of education in increasing women’s employment rates.

International Investors Association - YASED published a message in which it celebrated World Women’s Day on March 8 for all women and emphasized the importance of gender equality in all areas of life. In the message, it was stressed that the women’s workforce must be considered in order to ensure sustainable growth and development in the economy and the social arena. It was also stated that the employment rate of women, in particular, must be increased.

Ahmet Erdem, the Chairman of YASED, in his celebration message, stated: Ensuring gender equality in all areas of life is of critical importance for the socio-economic development of our country. For this reason, we believe that approaches which will encourage women to participate in education and the working life and will render such sustainable are necessary. The equal access of women to opportunities and their active participation in education, economy, and all areas of social life is a requirement of social development.”

Opportunity equality supports sustainable development

Ahmet Erdem also emphasized that the Women Work Group, established under the roof of YASED, is working to increase the employment rate of women. He continued: As we have stated in our report titled “Practices and Suggestions for the Increasing of the Representation of Women in Senior Management”, a 1% increase in the workforce participation rate of women increases the global GDP by 80 billion USD according to the estimates of the World Economic Forum. For this reason, we give importance to increasing the employment rate of women and our women being represented more in senior management. Our member companies are conducting numerous pilot programs to increase the number of women represented in senior management. In addition to the work our member companies carry out within themselves, we also develop opinions and suggestions that indicate a roadmap for our country with the Women’s Work Group established under the roof of YASED. With a new initiative we have adopted this year, we are aiming to expand our KOZA Social Responsibility Project, which we have been carrying out successfully for 9 years, with a different educational model, only for the female students and to support the role of education in increasing the employment rate of women.

As YASED, we are dedicated to increasing women’s share in the workforce by providing nursery support for working women, making pre-school education more widespread, avoiding behaviors and practices which create gender discrimination, and developing a qualified workforce. We believe that Turkey can only reach its economic, social, and democratic goals if it can reveal the potential of women and to the extent that women can take a share of the social welfare.”

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