YASED's Trade Workshop attracted huge attention

On Friday, February 14, YASED International Investors Association held a workshop with Rıza Tuna Turagay, Deputy Minister of Trade, to evaluate the common agenda in foreign trade and customs procedures and to exchange ideas on practices to improve Turkey's competitiveness in global trade.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, which received great attention from YASED members, YASED Chairperson Ayşem Sargın highlighted the importance of both similar workshops and the monthly consultation meetings with the Ministry of Trade. "We believe such efforts are very important and precious as they strengthen the consultation mechanisms between the public and private sectors and establish coordination among civil society organizations."

"You will hear YASED's name more frequently."

 Ayşem Sargın also provided information on YASED's work in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade. "The impact of Turkey's investment and trade relations with other countries on bilateral relations is a major topic we have recently focused on. YASED International Investors Association membership are Turkey's companies and have a huge sphere of influence, through their headquarters, on matters such as our country's journey for EU membership, the modernization of the Customs Union, and Brexit. These companies set an important reference point for investments in Turkey. At YASED, we not only evaluate such potential offered by our members but also aim to create a direct channel with the Public Sector to get them to share the investment environment expectations they have on their agenda.” Sargın also underlined the contribution the project made to the Target Countries Working Group run by the Ministry and added that, in the future, YASED's name would be heard more frequently in that regard.

“This effort will connect many SMEs with the world”

Providing information on the Scale-up project run in cooperation with the Ministry, Ayşem Sargın said, "The starting point for this project was our thoughts on how we could bring together investor companies with the Turkish talent and business world. We brought together our investors with technoparks. This allowed us to pair our members with companies engaged in production or innovation up to a certain level. This is an important project which will ensure in the future that the products manufactured in these technoparks are included in the supply chain of our companies. We are working closely with the Ministry of Trade on this matter.”

Sargın went on, saying, “Another element that will scale up the Scale-up project is the global supply chains. We are companies that make a great contribution to the economy through not only our factories and engineering centers here but also our supply chains. We attach great importance to global supply chains because of their contributions to qualified employment, knowledge and exports. Our Ministry also has very significant support, which I may call a grant program, for companies that want to be part of the global supply chain. This is a program that will connect many SMEs with the world. We will hold meetings with our Ministry, our members and our suppliers in Turkey to seek ways into expanding this network and including a greater number of Turkish companies in the global supply chain for more exports. You can expect good news and announcements from us on this matter in the upcoming period.”

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