YASED: We Focus on Economic Reform and Aim for Sustainable Development


We support the road map stipulated to be realized in 2019 within the scope of the New Economy Program (NEP) announced by our Minister of Treasury and Finance Mr. Berat Albayrak today. We consider it significant that the economy administration took action in terms of economic reforms that shall ensure the sustainability of growth following March 31 Local Elections.

Taking steps to make the markets operate in a sound manner is of great importance in terms of stable economy and sustainable growth. Key requirements of economy include strengthening financial structure, establishing free trade and competitive environment, judicial reform, financial discipline and predictability.

We appreciate that such issues as structuring financial sector and empowering capital, improving active measures for saving, and fighting against inflation are primarily focused on within the scope of the Economic Reform Package.

International direct investments significantly contribute to the satisfaction of resource needs of Turkey. In this respect, we support the creation of models which shall bring along technological transformation in the industry for value added growth as well as new markets, target products and export strategies which shall be developed with the perspective of empowering Turkey in global value chain, and contribute to the works in the field. We care about concrete steps that shall be taken in terms of tax and incentive legislation, one of the priorities required in the investment environment, and closely cooperate with our government in this respect.

We also think that the steps our country shall take in the field of international investment and trade especially during this reform process shall substantially contribute to our economy. We believe that completing the works for modernizing Customs Union with the perspective of European Union membership and correctly positioning our country within the reconstruction after Brexit have a major leverage effect in economic transformation.

As international companies with long-term investments in Turkey, we have absolute faith and confidence in our country. We shall keep working together in the public-private sector cooperation for “more investment, more production and more export in our country” in a way to thoroughly support the implementation of reform package.



With contributions of Vodafone