YASED High Advisory Council Meeting


The YASED 2019 High Advisory Council (HAC) meeting was held on 30 May 2019.

In the meeting held with the theme of "Turkey's International Direct Investment Strategy", opinions and recommendationsfor the creation of “Turkey's International Direct Investment Strategy Document”, which is also among the priority projects of YASED, were discussed.

YASED Chairperson Ayşem Sargın gave a speech at the meeting, stated: “In global competitive conditions, it is important that Turkey develops its strength in a dynamic structure and that is positioned correctly. Capital and know how from international direct investments are becoming important solution tools that support value-added economic growth. In line with Turkey’s objectives, instilling confidence in investors, the creation of a competitive environment to encourage new investors, and the determination of how to encourage transformative investment to transform Turkey is of importance.

With this perspective, as YASED, we attach critical responsibility for the direction of investments with a holistic approach and net policies to ensure the sustainability of these investments, and take responsibility for their implementation.

For this purpose, we conducted the FDI competitiveness analysis of Turkey. We are using the results within the scope of the Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOİKK) and the Development Plan studies.

We would like our work to establish a basis for determining a national investment strategy under the leadership of our government in order to attract value added investment to Turkey. We have taken the initiative and responsibility to conduct an index study on the YOİKK platform.

Apart from these activities, we are conducting the preliminary work of an Investment Law covering all investors who will invest in our country as the YASED office with the cooperation of the Directorate of Strategy and Budget, and the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.”













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