YASED: Economic development is only possible by investing in women


Having congratulated all women on the occasion of ‘March 8 International Women’s Day, YASED emphasized that sustainable growth and increase in welfare can be achieved through active participation of women in business life. YASED pointed out the importance of the empowerment of women in business life and society for the future of Turkey.

YASED - International Investors Association congratulated all women on the occasion of “ March 8 International Women’s Day” and called attention to the positive effects of more active participation of women in business life in Turkey on the sustainable growth and welfare level of the country. Ayşem Sargın, the Chairpersonof YASED, emphasized the importance of the empowerment of women in society for the future of Turkey.

In her congratulatory address, Sargın stated as follows: “The fact that women benefit from education opportunities more and participate in business life more actively is not only crucial for gender equality but also economic and democratic development. Providing women with equal opportunities in business life will substantially contribute in sustainable economic and social development of Turkey, increase in household income and decrease in poverty. Ensuring gender equality in every aspect of life is of the essence for socio-economic feature of our country. Thus, we believe that practices, which will promote and ensure the sustainability of women’s participation in education, business life and politics, should be executed and popularized.

Women employment is a social imperative

Sargın emphasized that although approximately half of the Turkish population consisted of women, employment of men was 2.5 times more than women employment, and stated that inclusion of women into business life was imperative for us to reach the increase in employment which had become an important objective in these days we were going through. Having referred to the respective data of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Sargın highlighted that Turkey would increase its GDP by 20% in 2025 when the rate of female workforce participation increased from 34% to OECD’s average rate of 64% through strong, stable and focused policies.

Women’s representation should increase in the business world

Ayşem Sargın mentioned about a wide range of studies carried out by YASED’s member international companies and the activities for women employment conducted by YASED Employment and Education Working Group, and expressed that: “As we mentioned in “Practices and Suggestions for Increasing the Reresentation of Women in Senior Management”, a report prepared with the contribution of our member companies during the previous period, the World Economic Forum estimates that a1% increase in female workforce participation increases the global GDP by 80 billion dollars. For a more advanced Turkey in all respects, men and women should have equal opportunities and produce together. Thus, at each and every platform we emphasize the importance of including women into every aspect of business life and ecosystem by providing them equal rights beginning from their education life.

Qualified human resource is one of the most important components of our country’s sustainable development and global competitiveness. For achieving this goal, active and increasing participation of our women into workforce is of capital importance.



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