The Eleventh Development Plan

The Eleventh Development Plan drawn up by the Presidential Department of Strategy and Budget (PDSB) entered into force on July 23, 2019. Having prioritized the Development Plan, YASED actively participated in and contributed to the preparation of the plan, taking part in the activities with its opinions and proposals across all phases, starting with the Specialization Commissions phase. Directly carrying out activities with PDSB officials, YASED shared its opinions and proposals in a detailed manner at the YASED Development Workshop organized on May 29, 2019 with the participation of Mr. Naci Ağbal, the President of Strategy and Budget.

YASED is pleased that its opinions and proposals focusing on different areas, mainly the topics of industrial policy, business and investment environment, human resources, logistics and energy infrastructure, digital transformation, R&D and innovation and services aimed at protecting commerce and consumers, have been reflected in the Plan.

With contributions of Vodafone