Master Export Plan

On August 29, 2019, the Ministry of Trade held its launch meeting on the Master Export Plan, which was featured in the New Economic Program and had been worked on for some time. YASED participated in the preparation of the plan and made contributions with its opinions. Stating that the 11th Development Plan encompassing the 2019-2023 period was realized with an approach based on the understanding that consistent growth is dependent on exports, Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan has said that the preparation of the Master Export Plan has taken the goals of the Development Plan into account and that the target is to reach an export value of 226.6 billion dollars.

Stating that they will make sure to deepen trade relations in current markets, the markets and sectors in which we are powerful within the scope of the plan, Pekcan has said "Additionally, our strategy of 'target market, target sector' aims to ensure market and product diversity, increase the exports of mid-advanced and high tech products with high added value with a new generation of free zones, spread exports at the base level, benefit from developing technologies and digitalization such as artificial intelligence and block chaining, bring new approaches and new automation to our export aid, provide new funding opportunities to our exporters, develop new foreign traders who possess the new skills and equipment emerging in the world, develop the education system, share developments from all around the world with our business world instantaneously with a network of Commercial Counsellors using digital technologies, be up-to-date with e-commerce transformation and with that focus on and support potential exporters that will expand to regional markets, and, with the implementation of this strategy, achieve sustainable increase in exports."

With contributions of Vodafone