Journalist Author Murat Yetkin was a guest in YASED Business Lounge Meeting…


YASED International Investors Association held its fifth Business Lounge meeting with participation of Murat Yetkin, journalist-author in Istanbul on April 3rd These meetings are organized regularly for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of its communication with its members and assessing important topical issues.

“Reforms are needed in economy”

 After drawing attention to the fact that Turkey has recently left behind a period of holding elections almost every year, Mr. Yetkin pointed out that a non-election period of 4.5 years has just started.

Emphasizing that this non-election period is indeed an important opportunity for the government to speed up the national growth pace by focusing on both political and economic developments, Mr. Murat Yetkin added: “This non-election period of four and a half years is a very important opportunity not only for the business world, but also for our country. We are going to witness that this period will be used by the decision-makers as a breathing process in both the economy and the politics. Now, there are significant steps and reforms required to be taken, particularly in economy. Such as attracting more foreign investments, increasing qualified employment, and upgrading the competitive power of our economy by the year 2020. That the markets experiencing a balancing process due also to the effects of global economic conditions operate within the free market dynamics and the rules of law is the most important requirement for attaining stability in economy.”




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