Informative Meeting on The Protection of Value of The Turkish Currency

YASED organized an informative meeting on December 12th, 2018 in relation to the No. 85 Presidency Decision regarding Amendment No.32 on the Law on the Protection of Value of the Turkish Currency.

The meeting was realized with the valuable participations of Mr. Hakan Ertürk, the General Manager of Foreign Exchange and Ms. Özge Çal the Head of Department of the Ministry of Treasury & Finance. During the meeting, comprehensive information was provided regarding the implementation of the communiqué and the difficulties faced by the communique were discussed.

Member companies of YASED embraced the opportunity of one-to-one discussion regarding the effect of the new exemptions brought about by the legislation, on their sectors. It was mutually agreed to share opinions about the effects and the difficulties of the communiqué faced by the private sector, with the General Directorate in the upcoming period.

With contributions of Vodafone