We hosted Sinan Ülgen during our Business Lounge Meeting


The last guest of YASED Business Lounge conversation meetings held regularly by YASED International Investors Association to discuss important issues on the agenda was Sinan Ülgen, the Founding Partner of Istanbul Economics Consultancy.

Delivering an opening speech during the meeting organized on March 10, YASED Chairperson Ayşem Sargın summarized the latest developments brought by 2020 and gave information about the topics prioritized by YASED.

Sargın said: “Since the beginning of 2020, there have been many important developments such as tensions in international relations, Syria, Coronavirus and, finally, fluctuations in oil. As the business world, we are trying to manage many uncertainties by focusing on our business in this challenging environment. We, as YASED, continue to conduct our studies with a focus on the competitiveness of the investment environment in Turkey. Main topics on our agenda are Turkey's Investment Strategy, studies concerning the Framework Legislation of Investments intended for the improvement of the investment climate and Investment Criteria. We are performing these studies  under the umbrella of YOIKK (Coordination Council for Improvement of Investment Environment) in close cooperation with the Presidential Investment Office, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and our Ministry of Trade. Apart from these studies, "Digital Transformation", "Global Supply Chain" and "Bilateral Economic Relations", which we believe will shape the future of Turkey, will be priority areas of study for YASED."

Following the opening speech of Ayşem Sargın, regional geopolitical developments and their repercussions for Turkey were discussed during the question-answer round with Sinan Ülgen. Ülgen touched upon regional developments as well as Turkey's international relations with particularly the EU, the USA and Russia and their implications on the Turkish economy.



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