These measures are important to overcome the challenging process

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the measures taken following the Coordination Meeting Against Coronavirus. Attending the meeting held on the 18th of March at Çankaya Palace, Ayşem Sargın, Chairperson of the International Investors Association (YASED), said:

"As Turkey's investors, we are working with all relevant institutions and organizations to overcome this challenging period with minimum damage. We have seen that both the health and economic aspects of the process are handled with great diligence and a planned approach at the Coordination Meeting Against Coronavirus, a good example of the public-private consultation mechanism.  The unveiled Economic Stability Shield package and other economic measures are important steps taken in this process the depth and duration of which we do not yet know. As investors, we will continue to contribute to the process in order to manage this uncertain environment the entire world is going through and to overcome it with minimum damage.


"Continuity in production and supply will support Turkey's position as a safe source country in the long run"

Remarking that protecting human health was the top priority, Sargın also touched upon its direct impact on the economy: "Human resources constitute one of the strongest areas for Turkey in terms of global competition. Maintaining our qualified workforce is extremely important for the economy. Considering the developments throughout the world, it is inevitable for the production and supply chains to face breakdowns. If we can get prepared in advance by training our human resources and fortifying our supply systems, we will have the opportunity of positioning Turkey as a safe source country and increasing our share in the global supply system in the medium and long run during which the global supply chain will be diversified.


In order to manage this challenging process in the best way possible, we will continue to contribute to the activities performed in close cooperation with the business world, NGOs and public institutions”.

With contributions of Vodafone