Membership Terms

Our charter defines, in accordance with the law on Associations, the objectives, the activities and the various bodies of our Association as well as the procedures and conditions of membership.

Membership to YASED is corporate, however each member company is represented at YASED by 2 real person representatives (1 principal and 1 substitute) who possess the following conditions. so as to make equal representation possible.

Section 2-Article 5 of our charter, describes the eligibility for membership as follows:

Eligibility for Membership

Article 5  

Membership to the Association is open to the following:

a) Legal entity institutions, which have been established by “foreign investors” that are described in Article 2/a of Foreign Direct Investment Law No. 4875, and/or which foreign investors directly or indirectly participate in by controlling a minimum of 10 percent of the shares,

b) Independent auditing firms, law offices and consulting firms that are deemed appropriate following a Board of Directors' assessment and that either operate under the titles of international independent auditing firms, law or consulting firms, or have an organic relationship with these companies.

c) Turkey liason offices of international companies that have been authorized within the scope of the applicable laws and relevant legislation.

Written applications to the presidency of the Association shall be settled by the Board of Directors of the Association within a maximum of 30 days and the applicant shall be notified of the outcome. Upon acceptance of the application, the member shall be entered into the registration book.

Member legal entities and branch or liaison offices may appoint their Chairman or a Member of the Board of Directors and/or a Member of the Executive Board or the Country Representative official in the Liason Office as the principal (main representative) for the Association.  Each member shall have one vote in the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meeting, and each legal entity shall be represented by one real person ( 1 principal or 1 substitute)  in the bodies of the Association.

Members of the Association shall be represented by the real person representatives who possess the aforementioned conditions. Each member of the Association shall be responsible for identifying a main representative, and for the situations in which the main representative cannot be present, an alternate representative (substitute), and shall notify the Association.

Association members can always change the current representative or representatives and appoint a new member who possesses the aforementioned qualifications.

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