Mission & Vision & Strategic Priorties



Enhance the efficiency of international companies in Turkey and level of attraction of the country for investors by contributing to improvement of investment environment…


Become a leading non-governmental organization supporting sustainable growth and development of Turkey with international direct investment creating added value…


1. Effectively share with the public the importance and contribution of international investments to Turkish economy and sustainable development;

2. Take a leading role in the establishment of an investment environment with local and administrative regulations at international standards ensuring sustainable and competitive investments, where these regulations are applied equally, fairly and consistently;

3. Pioneer in the selection of Turkey as a “Regional Center” by companies in their management, production, service, logistics and R&D activities;

4. Produce strategic proposals for training qualified workforce with global competencies in language and educational background for all sectors and especially in the industrial area;

5. Present sector-based solutions and proposals for improvement to enhance productivity of existing investments in Turkey.

6. To contribute on the process of developing related policies, strategies and action plans for industrial digital transformation with guidance of our international knowledge and experience.


1 Regional Hub
2 FDI Sustainability
3 Globalizing SMEs with International Companies
4 Employment and Qualified Workforce
5 FDI Strategy
6 Industrial Digital Transformation
With contributions of Vodafone