YASED International Investors Association

  • YASED International Investors Association was established in 1980 as the only non-governmental organization(NGO) representing  the international companies operating in Turkey.
  • YASED Mission is to enhance the efficiency and profitability of international companies in Turkey and the level of attraction of the country for investors by contributing to the improvement of the business and investment environment.
  • YASED Vision is to become a leading NGO supporting sustainable growth and development of Turkey with international direct investments creating added value.
  • YASED has a very important representation power especially visa vie the government and all public authorities as it represents approximately 85% of all the total International Direct Investments (FDI) that has come to Turkey since 2000’s. YASED member companies  operate in 25 countries and over 15 sectors
  • YASED plays a pioneering role in the establishment of sustainable, predictable and competitive legal regulations and legislations in international standards.
  • As being the single example in its field with its unique structure in Turkey, YASED acts as a reference point for the issues related to the investment environment and in the context of paving the way for adapting international best practices to Turkey.
  • YASED also plays an important role as an ambassador for the promotion of investment environment in Turkey abroad.
  • In order to better address the expectations and demands of YASED members, bring their problems to the forefront, and work towards a solution, there exists a total of 17 Working Groups dealing with different topics of the business Under the YASED umbrella, there is a human resource of 1,400 people, consisting of top executives of international companies, working collaboratively  to convey recommendations and transfer knowledge, experience and global experiences to the public authorities.
  • YASED works in cooperation with the public authorities in order to increase Turkey's global competitive power.


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