Ankara Platform


YASED Ankara Office, established in November 2013, operates to accelerate the effectiveness of YASED’s activities in Ankara and contribute to the improvement of investment environment by closely monitoring the agenda of GOVERMENT.

Main Activities of Ankara Office:

  • Relations with Public Institutions and Corporations
  • Relations with International Institutions and International Ambassadors
  • Relations with NGOs Representing Private Sector
  • Relations with Member Companies
  • Monitoring of Legislative Activities and Regulations
  • Attendance to and Monitoring of YOIKK’s Activities
  • Attendance to and Monitoring of the Platform on Digital Transformation in Industry
  • Organizing and Attending to Events

YASED Ankara Office runs its activities, especially the relations with public institutions and corporations, in order to support and contribute to the legislative process with stakeholders in Ankara, within the aforementioned context.


“YASED Ankara Platform”, established in 2014, continues its practices, through attendance of our members, in 2018 in order to contribute tour priority of procuring faster and more effective communication in Ankara by taking into consideration our member companies’ requestsand suggestions in order to effectively
operate our relations and activities with all stakeholders in Ankara, to establish a close dialogue with our members, to plan and implement our Ankara activities. YASED Ankara Platform, operating through coordination of YASED Ankara Representative Ali Naili Tunaboylu, came together with our members’ Ankara employees and corporate relations officers at two meetings in April and September.

At YASED Ankara Platform meetings, after making a general evaluation regarding Turkey’s and YASED’s current agenda and legislative practices, a thematic topic is discussed through attendance of guest speakers. Developments regarding the determined thematic topic, problems encountered, solution suggestions, public communication and contributions of YASED against these problems are evaluated during meetings. A senior representative from one of our stakeholders in Ankara attended the thematic section as guest speaker.

Furthermore, specific themes are discussed in detail over a series of roundtable meetings with the participation of Ankara representatives, public relations executives and corporate communication executives of member companies. Details of meetings organized in 2018 are given below:

- Contribution of International Companies to
Technology Spillover and Transfer in Turkey: Improvement in Linkages Between International Companies and SMEs (Guest Speaker: Ahmet İhsan Erdem, Vice President of the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency)

- Effects of New Presidential System on YASED and Member Companies’ Government-Related Activities (a series of round table meetings)

With contributions of Vodafone