Working Groups

YASED has 17 Working Groups - 11 sectoral and 6 horizontal - structured in line with its priority issues and members’ requests, in order to better meet the expectations and demands of its members, to bring up their problems on the agenda and better serve for solution of these problems.

Working Groups are established upon requests of our members and significantly contribute to setting YASED agenda and opinions on relevant issues and taking actions. These Working Groups established by representatives of relevant member companies that are experts in their fields hold meetings to discuss the items on the agenda formed according to the requests of members in order to provide more active contribution to and participation in ongoing efforts for the establishment of a better investment environment. They discuss common problems of companies and proposals for resolution and produce YASED’s position on the matter and share them with relevant authorities.

Working Groups also contribute to and participate in the works of Technical Committees of the Coordination Council for Improvement of Investment Environment (CCIIE), a solution platform reporting to the Prime Ministry where YASED is actively represented and is a member. Also, via our Working Groups, we also provide comprehensive and effective contribution to structural studies carried out for bringing the best international exemplary practices in the world to our country and establishing a business and investment environment at international standards.

Carrying out common projects besides exchange of information and organizing miscellaneous activities with other non-governmental organizations and national and international enterprises representing business world on various issues, these Working Groups help YASED to strengthen existing relationship and cooperation with these enterprises and agencies to form a multi-dimensional opinion platform on international investments and to properly inform the public on international investments.

Horizontal Working Groups


Foreign Trade & Customs

Foreign Relations & European Union

Law & Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Employment & Training

Tax & Incentives


Sectoral Working Groups

Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate


Information & Communication Technologies


Food & Agriculture

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Logistics & Transportation

Automotive & Parts


Access to Health

Insurance & Private Pension System

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