Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate


Established on: 2013

Priority Issues: issues related to the Infrastructure, Construction and Real estate sector.

Objective: The Working Group was established in 2013 for the purpose of transmitting sectoral problems more effectively with the relevant stakeholders by ensuring representation of YASED in the relevant area.

Members: Aareal Bank, Aecom, APM, Arup, Deloitte, Dow, DP, Grundfos, İSG, Klepierre, KPMG, Kumport, Limak, Maersk, Metro, PWC, Shaya, Siemens, Vinci, Wilo.

Activities: The Working Group embodies international companies incorporated in Turkey and operating in infrastructure, construction and real estate sectors. It prepares solution proposals for problems experienced in these sectors and plans to pay visits to each relevant public enterprise. Lecturers from public and private sector are invited to its regular meetings in which briefings are provided with member companies.

Working group members:

Aareal Bank, Acwa Güç, Aecom, APM Terminalleri, Arup Mühendislik, Deloitte, DOW, DP World, Dupont, ECE Türkiye, Engie, Erdikler (Taxand), EY, Grundfos Pompa, Hafele Mobilya, Hill International, Klepierre Gayrimenkul, Knauf Insulation, KPMG, Kumport Liman Hizmetleri, Limak İskenderun, Metro, PwC,  Qatari Diar, Ravago, SGS Supervise, Shaya Kahve, Siemens Sanayi, Travelex, Türkiye Finans,  Wilo Pompa, Yeni Elektrik (Unit Group)’i temsil eden üyelerden oluşmaktadır.

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