‘Steps should be taken to make Turkey closer to EU’


Ahmet Erdem, YASED Chairman, invited the leaders of European Union (EU) members to take constructive steps to make Turkey closer to the EU.

Ahmet Erdem, Chairman of International Investors Association (YASED), made a written statement before the European Union Leaders' Summit to be held in Brussels on October 19 and 20 and said: “International direct investors support Turkey's full membership to EU. Full membership negotiation process, which has almost stopped due to recent developments, should be accelerated again and EU leaders should make constructive decisions which will boost the economic and political cooperation of Turkey and the EU. YASED, representing 75 percent of international direct investments in Turkey, we encourage the leaders of EU members to take steps which will make Turkey closer to the EU.”

The statement stressed on the following:

“During the membership negotiations between the EU and Turkey which started in 2005, 16 of 35 chapters were opened and only one of them was temporarily closed. In June 2016, Financial and Budgetary Provisions was opened as the 33rd chapter. Just after the Turkey - EU Summit on November 29, negotiations with the EU Commission to open these chapters started and Turkey made its contributions to the Commission. The agreement to accelerate the preparations for these chapters was also highlighted at the Turkey - EU Summit in March 2016. However, the EU General Affairs Council made a resolution not to open new chapters at a meeting in December 2016. At this point, it is important that the EU continues with the negotiation process based on technical criteria and makes Turkey feel supported.”

''Turkey is the 4th largest EU’s export market and 5th largest trading partner of EU. The largest share of direct investments in Turkey is from the EU. As of the end of August, direct investments in Turkey in this year (real estate purchases excluded) reached USD 4.85 billion and USD 3.72 billion is from EU countries. This means that the share of investments from the EU is 77%. Turkey's exports to the EU increased by 8.9% to USD 11,337 billion in September as compared to the same month last year. Total exports in the first nine months reached USD 114,661 billion. Exports to EU countries increased by 10.2% in the first nine months with a share of 51.6%.”

“European countries create added value and jobs in Turkey and exports from Turkey lead to the Turkish business world gaining a competitive edge. This data alone shows the depth and size of the economic relations, as well as the significance of the sustainability of these relations.”

“Turkey's EU membership process leverages economic development and helps ensure the reliability international investors seek. Resolution of disputes which may arise from time to time requires that the parties act with common sense and take a constructive approach even in the most challenging of times. We believe that the continuance of Turkey's EU membership process will be beneficial to both parties and positively affect the resolution of current disputes as well as regional stability. In this sense, we think that a short-term requirement is the amendment of the Customs Union Agreement in line with current needs. In the time to come, we expect that the relations of the EU and Turkey are handled in a constructive manner and completed as soon as possible.”



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