Turkey Must Place The Aim Of Becoming A Regional Center At The Heart Of Its Growth Strategy

Mr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, convened with senior executives of YASED (International Investors Association)-member companies in Istanbul. The purpose was to discuss the potential improvement in governmental incentives as well as other related efforts, in order to help scale up the number and activity of R&D centers Turkey.


International Investors Association -YASED organized a workshop in Istanbul to discuss the potential improvements in governmental incentives for R&D efforts, with the attendance of Mr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, on August 9, 2017.

During the workshop, international investors expressed their requests and expectations to help increase the number of R&D centers in Turkey; they further brought up roadblocks faced in the governmental incentives and suggestions for potential solutions.  

YASED Chairman Ahmet Erdem, commented as follows during his speech at the workshop:

·         “Our mutual objective is to attract high-value-added investments that will create employment, to improve the efficiency of present investments, and to transform our country into one of the leading R&D and investment centers in the region, as well as on a global scale. In this regard, we, the international investors, consider this workshop, aimed at supporting the related efforts of our government, to be of utmost importance.”


·         As YASED, one of our strategic priorities is to support our nation’s goal of ‘Becoming a Regional Center for Investment and R&D’. It is of great importance for us, the investors that Turkey places the aim of becoming a regional center at the heart of its growing strategy and has quickly focused on this very objective by determining a roadmap for it.”


·         “With this in mind, we have welcomed and appreciated the 2016 ‘Law Relating to the Support of R&D Efforts’ which was the result of intensive work at your Ministry, as well as following supportive regulations. We were very pleased to see that our suggestions and the contents of the two R&D reports, we have worked on together with your Ministry, are included in the legislative efforts.”


·         “We know that a significant portion of R&D investments by global and successful corporations are made outside of those countries where they are headquartered. It is, therefore, critically important to craft a long-term program intended to increase R&D concentration in our country and to make our country more attractive R&D ecosystem compared to competing countries. Such a program must involve measurable goals and its implementation closely supervised.”


·         “From the 2016 İSO 500 list, we see that 123 international investors, most of whom are YASED-members, are responsible for 41% of all R&D investments of the top 500 industrial corporations. We are glad to notice that ‘The share of international corporations within R&D investments has been increased by 5% compared to the prior year’. Especially considering that the total R&D investments of the 500 companies was decreased by 19% in 2016, it becomes once again obvious that international corporations are a driving force behind R&D investments.”


“As we have so far, at YASED, we will continue to take responsibility as a driving force to position our nation as an attractive R&D investment center for international investors and together with our members, to form various solution platforms thanks to the highly constructive approach and the cooperation of our Ministry.”

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