Press Release for the 15th of July


As the International Investors Association - YASED, representing more than 75% of the international direct investments in Turkey, we are gratefully remembering once more our citizens and security forces who died or who were injured for their homeland while trying to prevent the attempt for the coup d'état aiming to destroy the democratic constitutional order in our country in the night of July 15, 2016. May all our martyrs rest in peace and we wish all those in the process of recovery and treatment to get well soon, and we wish patience and strength for their families.


This treason and painful event ended in failure after all segments of the Turkish people, all political leaders, the world of business and non-governmental organizations acted in solidarity and togetherness; as a result, Turkey showed her faith in the democratic constitutional order and the state of law.


As YASED, being aware that the development of our democracy and economy is only possible with a multi-party democracy, the supremacy of law and a competitive liberal market economy, we are against any kind of intervention intending to eliminate the state of law and the constitutional order. We condemn once more the July 15th coup d'état attempt which might have given a great damage to the stability, economy and state of law of Turkey, and we wish similar attempts not to be repeated again.

Since that day, our community's raising their voice against the violation of the constitutional system and exhibiting their commitment to the supremacy of law, fundamental rights and freedom and human rights reassures us regarding the future of our country.

Being one of the biggest economies of the world, the power of Turkey arises from being the only democracy in its region, its integration in the global economy, its competitiveness within the framework of the liberal market economy and encouraging entrepreneurship, its young and dynamic population and last but not least, its commitment in the constitution system based on the supremacy of law.

As YASED, we believe in the importance of acting within the framework of common sense and legitimate order, the freedom of expression and supremacy of law also in the future, just like it has been so far. The steps to reinforce the democracy and the state of law further in Turkey have a clear way ahead and the distance to be covered toward it will further increase the confidence of international direct investors in Turkey.

Similar to how it was in the past, we are also continuing at present to share our opinions and experiences on what is required to be done to improve the investment environment in Turkey and not to be injured by the experienced events. We believe in the future of Turkey and we will continue exhibiting this faith by maintaining our investment perspective.


Ahmet Erdem

YASED Chairman



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