Minister of Economy Zeybekci came together with YASED Members


Minister of Economy, Mr. Nihat Zeybekci came together with senior executives of International Investors Association-YASED-member companies in Istanbul in order to assess the investment and business environment in Turkey. During the meeting, international direct investment opportunities and incentives for mega infrastructure projects were brought to the table.

YASED and Ministry of Economy held a joint consultation meeting on August 2 in Istanbul with the participation of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Nihat Zeybekci along with YASED Chairman Ahmet Erdem and senior executives of YASED-member international companies, in order to assess the investment and business environment in Turkey.

During the meeting, the overall situation of Turkish economy, the opportunities for international direct investments and the investment incentives for mega projects were brought to the table along with ongoing reforms aimed at improving the investment environment.


YASED Chairman Ahmet Erdem said the following during his speech in the meeting:

“YASED-member investors from 25 countries across 5 continents are companies that believe in our country’s potential, trust the future and contribute a lot to the production, employment and export both directly and indirectly.”

“As YASED, representing more than 75% of international direct investments in Turkey, our objective is to contribute to positioning our country as a ‘center of investment attraction’ and increasing the efficiency of existing investments. Structural reforms, which will increase the competitiveness of Turkish economy, are of great importance for us to achieve our objective.”

“We appreciate many very significant incentive mechanisms that our government has lately introduced with the aim of attracting investments, and we express our gratitude for them. We consider the launching and coordinated implementation of these crucial incentives as very important.”

“Gathering the incentives and subsidies-which are currently given separately in variety of areas- under a single regulation by creating a structure in order to give information and implementation support from a single point will be significantly convenient for the new investors that will invest in our country.”

“For the term ahead, we think that it will be beneficial to prepare an “International Direct Investment Strategical Plan” which is intended to establish an integrative investment policy in order to attract value-added and technology-oriented sizable investments which is the greatest need of our country. In this regard, we, as international direct investors, are ready to do our part.”

“As YASED, we believe that Turkey will be able to attract more international direct investments for the term ahead in case the structural reform process continues uninterruptedly. We demonstrate our faith by maintaining our perspective of long-term investment.”



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