YASED International Investors Association

YASED, International Investors Association, has been taking on proactive responsibility for 35 years, driven with the goal of setting a sustainable and predictable investment climate and thus attracting value-adding international investments and improving global competitive power.

With a network of more than 200 members with international capital directly investing in Turkey, each a pioneer in its respective sector, YASED represents a substantial part of the total international direct investments in our country. It is the most effective reference for establishing the best global practices on investment environment-related issues and most important contact in introducing Turkish investment environment abroad.

In its operations, YASED’s basic priority is to ensure sustainable and competitive investments, improve the local investment climate and remove the obstacles before investments. YASED’s field of activity and strategic priorities are:

  • effectively share with the public the importance and contribution of international investments to Turkish economy and sustainable development;

  • take a leading role in the establishment of an investment environment with local and administrative regulations at international standards ensuring sustainable and competitive investments, where these regulations are applied equally, fairly and consistently;

  • pioneer in evaluation of Turkey as a “Regional Center” by companies in their management, production, service, logistics and R&D activities;

  • produce strategic proposals for training qualified workforce with global competencies in language and educational background for all sectors and especially in the industrial area;

  • present sector-based solutions and proposals for improvement to enhance efficiency of existing investments in Turkey.

YASED considers that positioning of Turkey as a “Regional Center” in value-added areas that will particularly support export like R&D by international direct investors playing the role of leverage in Turkey’s achievement of its vision and targets will create a multiplier effect in sustainable economic growth and development.

YASED continues to work to better meet the expectations and demands of its members, bring up and resolve their problems with 17 structured Workgroups - 6 horizontal and 11 sectoral - crossing all sectors.

Founded in 2013, YASED Ankara Representation Office operates with an aim to enhancing effectiveness of YASED activities in Ankara and more effectively contributing to the improvement of an investment environment by closely pursuing the public agenda.

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