Ankara Platform


It is our highest priority in all our activities to communicate the demands and proposals of our member companies in a more expeditious and effective manner in Ankara in order to carry out our relationships and activities with all our stakeholders in Ankara more effectively. A “YASED Ankara Platform” was established in 2014 with the participation of our members in order to contribute to this priority of ours, to plan and put into practice our Ankara activities within the framework of a closer dialog with our members.

Objective of the Platform:

• In order to ensure that YASED Ankara Representation Office carries out its activities more effectively in a way to meet the expectations and needs of the management and members, YASED Ankara Platform was established with the participation of the representatives of interested member companies and especially member companies operating in Ankara.

• YASED Ankara Platform aspires to ensure a regular and permanent communication among Ankara Representation Office and authorized Ankara representatives of our members, to nurture and mutually contribute each other in information flow and lobby activities and carry out activities with a more effective ad stronger representation in respect of both members and YASED.

• The Platform is planned to convene two or three times a month under the coordination of YASED Ankara Representation Office.

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